The Grille of a Lifetime: Leblanc Takes Over Ownership of Fuddruckers

It is a classic hometown success story.

A high school student begins working at a nationally known and highly regarded restaurant in her backyard.

The industrious, young lady continues her employment there and becomes the popular general manager of that restaurant. During her successful career in the industry, the opportunity arises where she can purchase the restaurant – and she does just that.

Congratulations, Saugus resident Adrienne LeBlanc, on becoming the owner and operator of Fuddruckers, home of the world’s greatest hamburgers.

LeBlanc took over ownership of Fuddruckers on Route 1, Saugus, on November 30. She had been the manager of the restaurant for 20 years.

“My boss [Jim Boland] just threw it around that he was retiring, so it was definitely a thought, and then it became an offer, and then it became real,” said LeBlanc.

What’s it like to own such a well-known restaurant that has become a Route 1 landmark?

“It feels absolutely amazing, a great accomplishment,” said LeBlanc. “I’m very excited. It’s a new chapter in my life.”

LeBlanc, 38, attended Saugus High School, Class of 2000. She graduated from computer technology school while maintaining her association with Fuddruckers.

She is the daughter of lifelong Saugus residents Dave and Carol LeBlanc. She has an older brother, David LeBlanc, a Saugus High graduate who works for a medical technology corporation.

Adrienne said her 3-year-old son, Axton, was an inspiration in her determination to succeed in her field. “He’s the real reason why I did this – I’m trying to build a future for him,” she said proudly. “This is just an amazing opportunity.  A woman-owned business in the restaurant industry is not common, especially before the age of 40. So it’s an amazing opportunity that I have.”

Adrienne praised Jim Boland, the former owner of Fuddruckers. “Mr. [Jim] Boland is an amazing man. He taught me everything that I know,” said Adrienne. “I couldn’t have asked to work for somebody better in my life. He was definitely a godsend to me. I wouldn’t have this opportunity without him.”

Adrienne is a true model for young women in the restaurant industry. She is excited to welcome and serve customers to her own restaurant.

“And I will always have the world’s greatest hamburgers,” reported Adrienne.

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