Lynn Fire Department Purchases New Breathing-Air Compressor With State Grant

The Lynn Fire Department was able to purchase a new breathing-air compressor with a $50,000 grant from the state Firefighter Safety Equipment Grant Program.

The program enables fire departments to purchase a variety of equipment that will make firefighters’ jobs safer. “Our communities and families depend on firefighters in difficult and dangerous moments,” said Gov. Charlie Baker. “This program is an opportunity to show our deep appreciation for their work by ensuring the tools they need to stay safe and healthy.”

Lynn Fire Captain Edward Miles, who submitted the successful grant application, said the grant will allow the Lynn Fire Department to replace the 22-year breathing-air compressor that had become obsolete and unrepairable. The compressor is a vital component in the firefighting profession, notably in the extremely hazard work of entering burning structures.

“Each firefighter wears air tanks on their backs that give us 30 minutes of air,” explained Miles. “The compressor creates the compressed air for the individual tanks. The compressor is a completely necessary equipment.”

Miles expressed his gratitude to the Lynn state delegation, Sen. Brendan Crighton, and State Reps. Dan Cahill, Peter Capano, Lori Ehrlich, and Donald Wong, for their support and assistance in securing the grant.

“The grant certainly came at the right time,” said Miles. “We really appreciate our state officials’ efforts and the fact that the funding is made available for us. This grant was the largest one we received from the state in the past year.”

Miles, who voluntarily leads the grant-writing process said grant applications can contain as many as 80 pages.

In addition to his distinguished career in the Lynn Fire Department, Miles has been instrumental in the success of the Lynn Youth Soccer program as its former president. Miles’ sister, Cecilia Thompson, gained international fame as the premier Sarah Palin tribute artist when the former Alaska governor was a candidate for Vice President of the United States. Thompson appeared on national television and even drew praise from Gov. Palin herself for her amazing portrayal.

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