Red Sox Honor Jazzy Sportswear of Lynn

On Wednesday, September 14, the Red Sox honored Jazzy Sportswear for over 25 years of service to the Boston Red Rox at the Sox-Yankees game at Fenway Park. The Red Sox franchise has been supporting local small businesses, like Jazzy Sports, as a demonstration of their support of a diverse community supply chain.

Vincent Williams, founder of Jazzy Sportswear.

“It is an honor to be awarded by the Boston Red Sox for my service for over 25 years. Twenty-six years ago, Ron Burton Jr. gave me an opportunity to provide branded products for Red Sox Community Relations,” says founder of Jazzy Sportswear, Vincent Williams. 

A relationship beginning in 1996 has survived to present day, and later resulted in Williams’ volunteering for Ron Burton Training Village, an enrichment camp that has served over 9,000 young men and women over the last 33 years in their spiritual, physical and educational growth.  The Leadership and STEM Journey programs train villagers over a seven year period, preparing them with skills, mentorship and leadership opportunities.

Jazzy Sportswear is located at 110 Broad Street in Lynn, and has been a member of the Lynn Chamber of Commerce since 1990.  Vincent Williams modestly accepts this honor and looks forward to supporting the Boston Red Sox and their fans for years to come.

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