Andrea Campbell for Attorney General Visits Lynn

Story by Patrick R. Gecoya

Having a campaign swing into Lynn after crisscrossing cities and towns in Massachusetts on a warm and sunny Saturday before the November election was candidate Andrea Campbell for Attorney General.

Supporters of Campbell greeted her the Marshall Middle School on October 15.

A large group of supporters were on hand to welcome Andrea.  Her candidacy is to “fight for justice and opportunity for all of the people in Massachusetts”.

Eighth Essex District State Representative Jenny Armini who is excited to begin her new position said, “Andrea will bring compassion and purpose along with her professional skills to the Attorney General’s office.”

“Facts matter and this gives us an opportunity to get the word out about Andrea, not misinformation. We will continue door knocking and canvassing in the community,” according to State Senator Brendan Crighton.

Mayor Jared Nicholson expressed to all the supporters that we have an amazing candidate with us; it is such an honor to have Andrea Campbell in our city. Mayor Nicholson said, “We have so much positive momentum in Lynn of what we are doing. We need the support of statewide elected officials who understand who we are and where we are going. There is a need for equity statewide and the need to build opportunity. Andrea Campbell is that candidate.”

Andrea Campbell stated, “I am honored to be back in Lynn; my campaign had a hard fought primary and we are not taking anything or anyone for granted. We will continue to make residents know that government is responsive to their needs. We need to have leadership in all the offices.”  She continued to say, “I am concerned about all of the people and the wellbeing of our children.”

Andrea Campbell as Attorney General will fight for “consumer and worker protection, public and corporate accountability, safe children and communities, and reproductive justice.” 

Andrea has a positive message about what the Attorney General’s office can do. She will bring people together; she wants to demonstrate what her campaign is about and what Massachusetts will stand for.

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