Brickyard 50 Club Celebrated 60 Years

Whenever the Brickyard or the long established 50 Club Bar and Grill is mentioned, the history of Blossom Street is recalled. The original Club 50 was on upper Blossom Street near the new YMCA and where St. Francis Italian Church was located before urban renewal took effect in the area. Club 50 was a three family home with a bar and dining area on the first floor. The other two floors were family residences.

Wednesdays were Club 50 spaghetti and meatballs dinner or a famous meatball sandwich. Other days had specialized Italian cuisine selections or fresh cuts of meat from local Brickyard butchery shops. Owner Rocky DeFilipo said, “My father loved to cook, and he did an excellent job. The place was always filled. This was a neighborhood bar and dining facility. I am so thankful for all the people who came this evening to celebrate our longtime relationship in the Brickyard.”

During the 1960s urban renewal transformed the Brickyard. Close knit neighborhoods gradually disappeared. Club 50 became the 50 Club and was relocated in 1978 to the Clam Alley neighborhood which was an extension of Blossom Street. Also, Varley’s Diner was a popular eatery along the edge of Clam Alley. Homes were removed for a new expansion in that area. Former Clam Alley resident, Charlie Wallis, remembered the good times when neighbors were friendly and caring. The Brickyard community was culturally rich. Sections of Alley Street and Harbor Street still exist with remnants of that era. 

50 Club is still thriving with a loyal customer base according to Rocky DiFillipo after 60 years in business as he said, “Since the pandemic and with economic woes happening, we are managing to continue our services. Kelly Muise and her sister, Kathy Alukonis, have been with me for nearly 30 years. Both sisters really do an excellent job with customers.” He continued to say, “As the 50 Club was relocated, I supported sport teams, invested in televisions screens, and made the place comfortable and friendly.”

City Councilor Fred Hogan and his colleagues presented a Council Citation to Rocky as he said, “This is a great moment about West Lynn, Blossom Street, and Brickyard history. The 50 Club has been with Rocky’s family in the Brickyard for over 60 years in business. This is the heart of Ward 6, and we sincerely congratulate the Brickyard Bar and Grill from the Lynn City Council.” State Representative and Brickyard resident, Peter Capano, presented a Citation from the State Legislature to the DeFilippo family. He said, “This is a special time for me remembering the 50 Club block parties as a child. Every fundraiser that I ever had was here. Rocky has done a lot of work for the community, and we all appreciate his support.” Peter continued to say, “The State recognizes Rocky and the Brickyard Bar and Grill for serving the City of Lynn for over 60 years. The entire state delegation, State Senator Crighton, State Representative Cahill and I, extend our very best wishes with future good fortune for continuous success and in all endeavors.”

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