Lynn Police Department promotes 13 officers

Thirteen Lynn Police officers took oaths of office for their promotions to new leadership positions in the Lynn Police Department during a ceremony Monday in the City Council Chambers.

City Clerk Janet Rowe administered the oath of office to the six newly promoted Lynn Police Lieutenants – Michael O’Connell, Richard Connick, Timothy Hallisey, Kenneth Runyan, Peter Alexander, and Michael Gorman – and the seven newly promoted Lynn Police Sergeants – Mark Nerich, Taylor Haberek, Rachel McInerney, Jennifer Cash, Edward Cauley, Jeffrey Accituno, and David Spelta.

Police Chief Christopher Reddy welcomed the officers, their proud families, and guests to the ceremony.
“This is a really special day,” said Reddy. “It’s not very often that a member of our department gets to share the experience of being promoted. It’s really a big deal and an accomplishment that comes after a lot of hard work. They deserve tremendous credit for the work they put in to get themselves here today.”
Mayor Jared Nicholson congratulated the officers on their promotions.

“On behalf of the citizens of Lynn, it is my honor to congratulate all those being promoted today,” said Nicholson. “We’re so excited to recognize the achievement of attaining these promotions, and more importantly thank you for your commitment to this city.”

Chief Reddy concluded the ceremony, stating, “Congratulations to you all, the lieutenants, and the sergeants. Thank you for your hard work and we look forward to the tremendous leadership that you’re going to provide to our department in the months and years ahead.”

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