Lynn author publishes  spiritual novel

“Extraterrestrial Legacies of God, Jesus, and the Angels: That We Weren’t Told About,” is a new book by Raphael Basisa, and has been released by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.

In some way or form, this book is unassumingly a nicer and a more logical organization and interpretation of compounding existing religious writings from a variety of walks of life. Herein, they are presented as proof drawn synthetically from those multitude of intellectual sources written over the last 4,000 years evidencing that the central figure of the persona translated as the reincarnation of almighty God of Israel himself in Christian literature is simply another Extraterrestrial Alien visiting Planet Earth for a purpose. Another visitor just like those well-known Anunnaki, the Elohim, the Nephilim, the Sons of God, the Watchers, the renegade Angels or other entities over several millennia ego. And, in the many ways how it is related to the current humanity’s most pressing problem of whether we are alone and unique in the Cosmos as it is linked to the much-witnessed UFO encounters phenomenon. It also well outlined the latent consequences resulting from what is presented as postulate.

Raphael-Seraphin Kutota Basisa currently resides in Lynn, Massachusetts. He would consider himself a futurist, a researcher, a world’s concerned citizen, and a great human being. He is a chemical engineer by training and earned an MBA and an ABD in Applied Management and Public Policy. He has written and published several technical and non-technical documents, commentaries, articles, papers, and other books along the subjects of his expertise. He believes in extraterrestrial life in regard to religion. Basisa is a person whose research helped to recognize early on the theory that we are all descendants of Extraterrestrials and Cosmic religiosity should be recognized in modern theology.

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