Get out and vote

Everyone running for the late Senator Edward Kennedy’s senate seat will find out exactly where they stand on Tuesday.

The important thing is to get out and vote.

Tell your friends to vote.

Make this a contest, not a giveaway.

Make it a contest, not a hollow, unfulfilling exercise in democracy at its worst.

A great turnout signals a real interest in perpetuating the legend built by Senator Kennedy.

He wasn’t just a Kennedy in the end, but rather, he had become the voice of the US Senate, the Lion of the Senate, if you will.

Whether or not you liked him, appreciated his service or were put off by his personal failings, he was our voice in the US Senate – a voice we will miss in the months and years to come.

Now voters have the opportunity to vote into office his successor.

Will it be Congressman Mike Capuano? Attorney General Martha Coakley? Celtics owner Steven Pagliuca? City Year founder Allan Khazei? Republicans Scott Brow or Jackie Robinson?

Get out and vote.

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