Ban pit bulls

Now that yet another resident of the this city has been mauled by a pit bull, I wonder, what purpose exactly do pit bull terriers serve for the owners?

More importantly, what service do they serve for us, the residents of his city?

The answer in both cases is nothing.

Pit bulls by their nature are ferocious animals.

They are attack dogs – and they often attack.

They love violence and mayhem.

They enjoy mauling people they do not know.

They are strong, so strong, that when attacking police, the police tend to shoot first and ask questions later.

They do no-one any good and wherever they live, there is the potential for disaster.

Such was the case last week when a pit bull tried to maul a 76 year old Eastern Avenue resident.

In fact, the pit bull did maul her, and in such a way, that she was taken to the hospital bleeding profusely and was stitched up by doctors.

The pit-bull was put down, as it should have been.

In fact, it should have been put down before it had the chance to maul the 76 year old Eastern Avenue woman.

By our count, this is the 12th incidence of pit bull mauling of a local person in the past three years. This is just a guess approximation.

Pit bulls living in this city have mauled grandmothers, children, infants, men and women, just about anyone they feel like mauling.

How many innocent residents must be mauled by pit bulls in this city before they are outlawed?

Of course, I’ve been told by pet lovers and those who claim to know that pit-bulls are loving animals, that most pit bulls are gentle by nature and that they would never hurt a soul.


I don’t buy into that, and those mauled by pit bulls in this city certainly won’t buy into it, either.

In this city where so much of what we do is regulated by rules and regulations, perhaps it would be a good idea to out-law pit bulls for the public good.

How many more maulings of innocents by pit bulls are necessary before the city does the right thing to protect its residents?

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