The health care bill

There are among us in this sprawling city where we live thousands of residents and younger people who do not have health insurance.

There are also those among us who have lost everything to the health system because a loved one needed expensive health care – and so a home was taken or a retirement account was emptied in order to pay for it.

And there are those who cannot obtain health insurance coverage because they have a pre-existing condition – and this includes children, younger people, adults and the elderly.

Some 30 million people in this nation do not have health insurance.

With the passage Sunday evening of the health care reform bill, they will all be insured in the near future.

We believe it is a shame and almost a crime, that not one Republican member of Congress voted for the bill.

Instead, they ranted and raved, egged on by Fox News and right wing talk radio as though the passage of this health care reform bill will signal the end of the nation, the diminution of the American Empire, and the collapse of everything that is great about this nation.

With the passage of this bill we achieve what the lesser and greater nations of Europe have had for almost a century – which is health care for all their residents.

This all comes at a cost but what is the cost to a great nation like ours if we don’t insure our people?

Also, these same Republicans moaning and groaning, screaming and red-faced, some of them calling their colleagues baby killers are determined to be against abortion on moral grounds but can’t summon the moral ground to be for health insurance for those born into this society unable to afford health insurance.

So the health insurance reform act has been passed.

Now what?

Are the Republicans going to take their anti-health insurance revolution into the streets?

Of course not.

They’ll have to find something else to complain about now.

How about the $1 trillion dollars we’ve already spent in Iraq and Afghanistan?

And for what?

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