Raw Arts rules

Those of us familiar with the good work done by the great folks at Raw Arts saw it up close at their annual celebration held last week at the Raw Arts building in Central Square.

It was a fabulous exhibition of what Raw Arts does best – which is to instill in its art students not just the things one must learn about art in order to create it but also that it is all about what resides inside all of us that must be awakened for us to be motivated – and to do the right thing, always.

At Raw Arts, the instruction from week to week is an inspiration to young people trying to find themselves, who have questions about art as well as about life, and who learn to get along with others in their classes as well as to give others supports and knowledge in those classes.

Bottom line, Raw Arts is about a lot more than art instruction.

It is about life instruction and life construction and it is about teaching young people about creationism without the dogma that stifles or the affect that can stunt the creative spirit.

Raw Arts is also about love – and this was shown last week at the celebration honoring the graduation of the senior class.

The teachers and the students were one that night.

It was a beautiful moment to enjoy – as beautiful as art itself.

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