I don’t like the odds

The tragedy on the Lynnway last week is something I can’ get out of my mind.

Think about it.

You are traveling on the Lynnway in a small car, minding your own business on a lovely summer day. A friend is seated in the back seat of the automobile and there is the driver and another passenger in the front seat.

You are in front of Pride Chevrolet stopped at a red light and then BOOM, just like that, a flatbed tow truck slams into the rear of your automobile, and with such force, causes the automobile and the flatbed truck to catch on fire.

Your smaller automobile is turned into an accordion.

The driver and passenger are led to safety.

The friend in the back seat can’t be rescued from the burning automobile.

That person burns to death.

Traffic is stopped on the Lynnway.

The flatbed truck burns. The automobile burns – when firefighters arrive, it is too late to do anything but put the fire out.

What happened?

It is presently anyone’s guess.

The flatbed driver might have lost his breaks, causing his much larger truck to smash into the much smaller automobile and to push it a good 50 to 100 feet after impact.

The truth is, no one right now knows what exactly caused this tragic accident.

The State Police are investigating the incident. We can be sure they will get to the bottom of what occurred.

I am left to wonder – what are the odds of such a thing happening on a sunny summer day to any of us while we’re stopped at a red light on the Lynnway?

Is it 1 million to one, 5 million to one, 10 million to one?

The deadly accident last week on the Lynnway should be a reminder to us all of how fleeting our lives can be – how a mixture of chance and fate can lead to an event where our lives are taken from us, snatched just like that, like the snap of a finger.

My condolences go out to the dead rear seat passenger and to that persons family.

How could such a thing happen when the chances are so slight as to deem such an event a near impossibility.

It kind of boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

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