The mayor and the wind turbine

We absolutely support the mayor’s efforts to have a 254-foot tall wind turbine built for the Lynn Water and Sewer Commission and to be located next to its waste water treatment plant off the Lynnway.

The turbine would be similar in size and generating capacity to the wind turbine standing on the former Forbes Lithograph property in Chelsea and highly visible to those traveling on the McLellan Highway and on Route 1A.

The mayor’s efforts to move this project into the final construction phase is right on.

In fact, we would urge her to seek out other convenient and sensible locations throughout the city for wind turbines.

Enough wind turbines will make a big difference in satisfying future energy needs without imported oil.

The start-up costs right now are expensive but won’t always be so.

Wind turbine generated electricity is what the future of electricity generation is all about.

We’re pleased the mayor is behind this important project for the LWSC.

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