Fila will serve as Mayor’s educational liaison

Former Lynn English Principal Andrew Fila said he’s looking forward to starting in his new part-time position as an educational liaison between the office of Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy and the Lynn School Department.

Fila retired as principal on Nov. 5 after a distinguished career that included 39 years of service as an administrator in the Lynn school system. He will be returning to Lynn from his residence in Florida on Dec. 20.

“I’m looking forward to working with the mayor,” said Fila. “I’m just going to be like a sounding board on the Lynn public schools.

Fila is confident that his experience in education can be an asset for the mayor’s office.

“I have 39 years of experience as an administrator,” said Fila. “I feel I have something to offer.”

Fila said he will again be hosting his annual appreciation dinner for Lynn school employees in the spring. The social gathering is held at the Porthole Restaurant, with several of Fila’s associates in the school system attending the event.

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