Clancy Bests Barton in Harassment Suit

With Councillor at Large Buzzy Barton’s considerable help, Mayor Judith Flanagan-Kennedy pushed former Mayor Chip Clancy out of public life and into retirement.

It was a big victory for Barton, who often felt done in by the ex-mayor when he was still in office.

Now comes word from the Federal Court that Clancy has prevailed in a law suit brought by Barton claiming Clancy had harassed him while he was mayor.

Barton alleged that Clancy made several attempts to attack him following his 2004 retirement from the Lynn Fire Department.

He sought damages in court for what he called harassment and retaliation.

He asked for damages of $100,000.

US District Court Judge Joe Tauro heard the case. He sided with Clancy.

Barton then went higher, to the Court of Appeals.

The Court of Appeals upheld Tauro’s ruling.

Clancy lost the election but he won the lawsuit.

This is what the ancients referred to as a Pyrrhic victory, one in which the battle has been won but your army has been lost.

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