Lynn Shelter Benefit Major Success

There are events and there was the Lynn Arts event for the Lynn Shelter Association which was held Friday evening at the Lynn Arts studios in Central Square.

This evening gathering held to raise money for a good cause brought together people from all walks of life.

The main performance room was a dazzling array of colors, sounds, and sights as musicians prepared to play their bongos and dancers in native dress did their thing among a crowd of many of the most high powered philanthropists in this area.

And to top everything off, the arrangements of fine foods, so tasty and just right, was over the top.

In every way, this was a major event to cherish and to behold.

So many people dressed so nicely. So many artists mingling among the crowd. So many young, middle aged and old all sharing in a profound evening, in a large, darkened back room in a finer turn of the century building in Central Square on a Friday night.

This was exactly the type of event that gave the impression that Lynn can be a major player at whatever it does when the right people are involved.

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