Arnold Schwarzenegger

A great deal of media has been generated because the former governor of California and one of Hollywood’s great movie stars has admitted to fathering a son out of wedlock. By doing so, this has caused his wife Maria Shriver to leave him and now we are told she is filing for divorce.

The situation, as we understand it, was made especially difficult for the former couple by learning their domestic employee in their household had the child with Arnold at the same time his own child with Maria was born.

This would be problematic for most of us dealing with the intricacies of marriage and family.

We are especially piqued by some commentators who have mentioned that Arnold’s deceit might have been worse if the child had been born during his tenure as governor.

Obviously, his reputation has been altered. His names resonates in a different way.

He says he wants Maria back.

We don’t believe that is going to happen.

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