Major Leases Renewed by Lynn Waterfront Companies

Combined Properties has announced two major lease renewals in the waterfront commercial district totaling more than 41,000 square feet.

Two Lynn-based companies – Old Neighborhood Foods and Boston Wholesale Lobster Group – two major retailers and employers, will be remaining in their spaces on Riley Way and Marine Boulevard respectively, according to officials from Combined Properties of Malden.

“Old Neighborhood and Boston Wholesale Lobster are exceptional corporate citizens and true assets to the city of Lynn.” said Greg Regazzini, V.P., Director of Leasing at Combined Properties. “We’re pleased to continue our long-standing relationships with both of these local food companies and wish them ongoing success.” Regazzini represented Combined Properties in the lease renewals.

Old Neighborhood Foods is the best known of the two companies locally.

The Demakes Family, owners of Old Neighborhood have a one century relationship with the city and have become one of the city’s largest employers as a well as a major benefactor to numerous charitable causes.

Boston Wholesale Lobster is one of Greater Boston’s major suppliers and wholsesalers of lobster to restaurants and outlets throughout New England.

Its facility on Marine Boulevard is state of the art and is run and managed artfully with great skill and attention paid to cleanliness and efficiency.

Old Neighborhood operates out of 26,000 square feet while Boston Wholesale Lobster operates out of a building almost 15,000 square feet.

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