When the Weather Sends Your Mind Wandering

There is nothing quite like walking on Lynn/Nahant Beach on a late September day when the temperature is in the 80’s? Or how about taking a trek with the family in Lynn Woods late in September when the leaves are falling, the sky is blue and you’re wearing a t-shirt?

In this topsy turvy world where so many things about the economy and politics appear to be going so wrong, it is the truly simple things like warmer weather and falling leaves that helps the mind to wander.

The politics of the fall of 2011 are taking down the nation.

It is politics over common sense, party and dogma over doing the right thing. There appears to be no end to it.

The folks in Washington like to point out that this is how it can be in a democracy. That the endless and frustrating debate over party and dogma is as good a condition as throwing out politics and sticking to policy and finding solutions absent of politics.

Well, it isn’t the case.

We have some real time problems with the economy that need sorting out in a big way. That need transcends dogma and politics but you’d never know it listening to our leaders squandering away what remains of the national wealth.

Neither party knows the way. Even the economists don’t know the way.

To take a line from Ecclesiastes – even a wise man doesn’t know the way.

Enjoy the privacy of your own thoughts on a stroll down the beach or in the woods in the early fall when the weather remains warm and the leaves are falling.

It is better than anything else for a mental boost when you are healthy and alive.

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