Get Out and Vote

Election Day is here.

The polls are open. They await your visit and your vote.

There is only one ward race and that’s in Ward 1.

Wayne Lozzi is once again up for re-election and he is being faced by Bob Walsh.

Ward 1 is a key ward with huge voter base.

In the At-Large category the ballot reads from top to bottom as follows: John Timothy Phelan, Robert Clay Walsh, Stephen John Duffy, G. Buzzy Barton, Miguel Funez, Hong L. Net, Paul T. Crowley and Daniel Cahill.

For School Committee the ballot reads: Richard Starbard, Maria O. Carrasco, John E. Ford, Jr., Vincent J. Spirito, Dolores Jean Difillipo, Donna M. Coppola, Charlie Gallo and Patricia M. Capano.

There are no ballot questions and no mayor’s race.

However, due to extremely moderate weather conditions, with bright sun and warmer temperatures, a larger vote than usual is expected by city election officials.

The At-Large race has dominated political speculation here.

This election is apparently giving rise to the political ambitions of Buzzy Barton, who is expected to gain a seat.

Barton gaining a seat means that one incumbent councilor will not retain their place on the board.

Who will that be?

It is anyone’s guess at this point.

There are the others beside Barton seeking an At-Large seat who might well push another incumbent out of office.

This is less likely than Barton’s election, however.

Most observers of politics in this city and across the land send a strong undercurrent of voter discontent locally, statewide and nationally.

Such voter discontent can lead to voters casting out long-termers and in favor of the untried. Whether or not this will happen here is cause for Election Day speculation.

The School Committee membership may be altered with the possible election of Charlie Gallo.

He has run a strong citywide campaign. He has run before so his name recognition has risen. If change is in the making, he will be it on the School Committee.

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