A Tough Crime-solving Situation Confronts the Lynn Police Department

The Lynn Police Department has largely been unable to solve the vast majority of 30 violent crimes that occurred in Lynn since last October. Lynn Police Chief Kevin Coppinger has been asked why. He has said that the department had made three arrests but that in all the other instances, victims were unwilling to talk with the police.

That’s the problem. The police aren’t the problem. And more police on every street in this city won’t stop the explosion of senseless violence that goes on here despite everyone’s best effort to contain it.

The vast bulk of violent crime in this city is in the poverty stricken neighborhoods where gangs, drugs, and violence mix together with ignorance, indolence and the feeling that life isn’t worth very much.

Violent crime here, by and large, is against others who commit violent crimes.

Time and again we have written what we know to be true – that a very small percentage of the population of this city commits violent crime, and that living here is no more dangerous than any other city of its size in the Commonwealth.

But if you’re a gang banger, gang member degenerate, if you’re carrying a knife or gun as part of your daily routine, you live in a different world in this city than nearly all of us who call this place our home.

It is a tragedy that 30 violent crimes have taken place here since October. It is a tragedy there are so many people living in this city within close proximity who believe stabbing, shooting or beating someone is the way to resolve an issue that’s come up.

We appreciate the outrage Councillor Darren Cyr has expressed about wanting more police on bicycles, more beat cops walking the streets and all that. There’s nothing wrong with calling for that except we can’t afford it.

What this city needs if more jobs, more development, more decent working people coming into the city and at the same time, pushing out of the city the low-life degenerates who indulge in lower mammalian behavior whenever they think its necessary.

The violent living among us in their decrepit neighborhoods share a code of silence.

If you get stabbed and the police respond, the police are there to arrest the person who stabbed you.

In modern Lynn, the person that was stabbed does not identify his or her assailant and so what are the Lynn police to do?

There is an arcane bit of thinking that goes something like this – if all the people in this city who are violent and blood thirsty and have lost their humanity are left to their own over a great enough period of time, they will kill each other until they are all dead.

That’s not a speedy solution but it lets you in on just how hard it is to solve crimes when those who have been stabbed and shot don’t tell the police the name of their assailant.

The Lynn Police are not out of control.

It is the degenerates and the violent who pillage one another who are to blame.

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