Gannon Facing New Era: Membership Declining

One of Lynn’s greatest reasons to exist, its own 18 hole golf course with a fabulous clubhouse and spectacular views of the Boston skyline from several of its holes, is facing the changing times.

Gannon Golf Course is trying to change with the times by asking the city for mitigation of its present lease due to a reduction in membership and rising costs.

Like many golf courses across the nation – both municipal and private – Gannon’s membership loss mirrors the changing face of golf America.

That is, the big swing into golf that changed the face of the sport during the 1990’s has once again changed.

The vast majority of those who would like to golf can no longer afford to spend an entire day playing 18 holes and nor can they afford it – so the sport is experiencing a bit of decline despite the fact millions upon millions of golfers still fill the golf courses ofthis nation.

Last year, according to the City’s Chief Financial Officer Richard Fortucci, who is studying the lease modification request from Gannon with the mayor and Assistant City Solicitor George Markopolous, Gannon’s lease cost the course $465,000.

The course is looking for a lease of $360,000.

Also impacting the running of the course is the rapid rise in the cost for goods and services used by the course as well as the cost of labor as running the course is labor intensive.

Water is another expense that has risen dramatically during the past decade and which continues to rise.

The recession has not helped the game, either.

Many golfers out of necessity have cut back on their playing.


Not as many golfers are upgrading their clubs or tending to join expensive courses.

In fact, hundreds of courses across the nation have gone out of business during the past 5 years.

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