Joining Tgettis: Fiste is Coaching in Salem with His Former Mentor Jim Tgettis

Former Classical athletic stand¬outs Nick Fiste and Keone Coleman are coaching in the Salem High School baseball program led by head coach Jim Tgettis.

Nick Fiste has loved the game of baseball from the very first time he stepped on the field in the Wy­oma Little League.

Fiste went on from Little League to become the tournament MVP on the Lynn Babe Ruth 13-year-old All-Star team that won a state championship. His father, Steve Fiste, and Mark Cahill coached that team to the title.

Fiste later played four years of varsity baseball at Lynn Classical High School following in the foot­steps of his older brother, Steve, an All-Star shortstop, who gradu­ated from Classical in 1997. Nick became an NEC-All Star cen­terfielder and received the MVP Award in the Agganis Baseball Classic in 2001.

2 comments for “Joining Tgettis: Fiste is Coaching in Salem with His Former Mentor Jim Tgettis

  1. edwin grissi
    October 20, 2015 at 8:28 pm

    Nick Fiste is the typical local massachusetts town loser, who had a father who was into small town politicing. He coached his son Nicks little league team and then….What a surprise folks! He ends up MVP of his little league Babe Ruth team.Then like always after the small time hype, he ends up being a bald bum wit a pot belly at the age of 32 mixing paint at your local Home Depot!!!! O yea but in small town parental politics he was the next Pedroia. Thats the reality of the ridiculous world of small town high school politics.
    Next Story… Nicks smoking Hot High School sweetheart Cheerleader girlfriend is now also 32 an 250 pounds with 3 halfbreed kids an on welfare.
    In conclusion,
    Listen to your coach nick so you can be just like him!.
    The Retro Reporter

  2. edwin grissi
    October 20, 2015 at 8:40 pm

    He now works at the Saugus Home Depot, mixing Paint, cutting carpet and fixing shelves… ahhh man i though he would get drafted!!!

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