Beauty in Giving Back: One-year-old Bobbi Merryman Wins Pageant Title While Parents Donate to the Community

One-year-old Bobbi Merryman was a winner in the Miss Heart of the USA Pageant in Peabody.

Bobbi Merryman celebrated her first birthday in May – and she already has a pageant title.

The daughter of Robert and Christy Merryman of Lynn, Bobbi participated in the Miss Heart of the USA Pageant at the Holiday Inn in Peabody and took home the Most Photogenic, Best Eyes, and Viewer’s Choice awards. She received a large sash and winner’s crown for the Viewer’s Choice award.

Christy Merriman said part of the reason she entered her daughter in the pageant was that a portion of each contestant’s entrance fee went toward a food pantry.

“We just wanted to do something fun and I picked this pageant because it’s not all about glitz and glamour – it’s an all-natural pageant with no makeup and no fake anything. The fact that the pageant benefits a charity was also a factor in my decision.”

Bobbi made her first pageant experience a triumphant one as she walked down the runway wearing a black and yellow bumblebee dress.

“Her name starts with a ‘B’ so we got her a bumblebee dress and tutu,” said Christy, whose two sons, Omri, 7, and Rowan, 3, watched the pageant from the front row.

As a result of her award-winning effort, Bobbi received an invitation to the Miss Heart of the USA state pageant in Mansfield.

Christy was asked about entering her daughter in a pageant at such a young age.

“I have boys and they’re into football and basketball and karate and this gives us a way to do something with her,” said Christy.

Robert Merryman, Bobbi’s father, was also supportive of the entire pageant experience. Robert is a graduate of Lynn Tech where he played basketball for coach Jim Ridley. Robert is the owner of Ram Electric and generously donated to the recent Fred Hogan Basketball Tournament at Maria n Gardens.

Christy (Satterwhite) is a graduate of Lynn English High School. She has plans to open a consignment store on Boston Street.

Bobbi’s proud grandparents are Caroline Hogan and Ernest Pharm, Nancy Merryman, and Jeff Satterwhite.

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