Jaeger Announces Candidacy for Ward 2 City Council Seat

Jesse Jaeger at the May 27th city-wide cleanup organized by Juan Gonzalez.

Jesse Jaeger at the May 27th city-wide cleanup organized by Juan Gonzalez.

First time candidate Jesse Jaeger has gathered enough certified signatures to be on the ballot for the Lynn City Council Ward 2 election this fall.

Jaeger is a community leader who has served on the board of the Lynn Community Association, is a founding member of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service committee and helped create Lynn Parents Organizing for a Better Education. He is also an active parent at Ingalls Elementary School and has coached soccer at Lynn Youth Soccer.

“I am running for Ward 2 City Councilor because I love Lynn and I love my neighborhood. Lynn has so much potential but it needs new leadership with creative ideas to realize that potential.” Jaeger said.

He believes the Ward 2 race will be about constituent services and new ideas to move the city of Lynn forward. “As I go door to door I hear repeatedly about phone calls not being returned and about Lynn being stuck in old ways of thinking. I will be the type of City Councilor who will not only return calls and work to solve residents problems, I will be proactively out in the community looking to engage with residents and empowering them to have a greater role in the governance our city.”

Jaeger is one of the first candidates to get the required signatures to be on the ballot in what is looking to be an exciting election year. There are currently declared challengers in all but two of the ward races and the City Council At-Large as well as the School Committee races are also full.

He lives at 7 Williams Place with his two kids Lorn and Mary as well as his wife Natalie. Jaeger has a Master’s in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University and has a profession background in faith-based community organizing. He is currently the Executive Director of UU Mass Action an advocacy organization for Unitarian Universalist churches in Massachusetts.

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