Mayor Kennedy Provides a Boost To the Richard Tisei Campaign

Political observers had been wondering whether Judith Flanagan Kennedy, mayor of the largest city in the Sixth Congressional District, would enter the fray and Lynn’s chief executive did so enthusiastically Tuesday with her strong endorsement of candidate Richard Tisei in the November 4 election.

Kennedy’s endorsement in this close race between Richard Tisei and Seth Moulton was certainly one of the most sought after in the entire district. She is a popular mayor of a city of 95,000 residents who has her city moving forward in a way that has been noticed throughout the Commonwealth. She is coming off a truly impressive victory in last November’s election, an emphatic statement by Lynn voters that they like her leadership and the direction in which she is taking this city.

The Mayor said that Lynn’s continued success will be aided by a representative in Washington, D.C. that will be looking out for the city’s best interests. The Mayor said in her endorsement that Richard Tisei’s background as “a small business owner and committed public servant” makes him “eminently qualified” to represent the Sixth District.”

The Sixth Congressional District election is one of the most exciting and closely watched elections in the country. Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy and School Committee member Rick Starbard made it clear at Tuesday’s endorsement event that they believe candidate Richard Tisei would be the best choice for Lynn.

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