MBTA to hold Hearing at Breed School

By Joseph Domelowicz Jr.

According to the MBTA website, T officials will visit Lynn on Monday, January 25 at 6 p.m. for a public hearing at the Breed Middle School, located at 90 O’Callaghan Way, to hear from commuters about the potential impact of proposed fare and schedule changes that are currently being proposed for the MBTA.

Testimony offered at the hearing will be shared with and reviewed by the MBTA Fiscal and Management Control Board, and state transportation officials, before any votes to make changes take place.

State Senator Thomas McGee, who represents Lynn and serves as the Chairman of the legislature’s Joint Transportation Committee, said last week that it is important for residents and T riders to come out and be heard.

“Everything is on the table. It is important that people get involved,” said McGee. “We’re looking at a huge deficit.”

The proposed changes to the fee structure and schedule for the commuter rail, are just one way the T is proposing to close a $242 million structural deficit in its operating budget.

Currently, proponents of the changes are proposing a ten-percent fare increase for T services, as well as changes in the schedule that are designed to help the T run on time and avoid costs, but could also result in people having to adjust their personal schedules to get into work on time.

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