City Council Calls On Businesses to Clean Up:Licensing Committee Puts Boston Street on Notice

By Joseph Domelowicz Jr.

The Lynn City Council Licensing Committee used its annual public hearing with 24-hour license holders on Monday to lay the groundwork for a new partnership between the city and businesses that operate 24-hours a day along Boston Street.

Councilor Darren Cyr, Chairman of the Licensing Committee told the owners and managers who were present, “I am tired of people saying that we have a dirty city and we need the businesses in the city to take an active role in helping us clean it up.”

At issue were the license renewals for six Boston Street businesses, which Cyr and others on the committee indicated have had the biggest impact on accumulating trash in the street and gutters along Boston Street and in the surrounding neighborhood.

Commissioner of Public Works Andrew Hall was present at the meeting and testified to the committee that city workers are stretched too thin to keep the Boston Street neighborhood clean, without the support of the local businesses there.

Bob King, the new owner of the McDonald’s on Boston Street, offered to host a meeting of the effected business owners so they could develop a plan for working together to see that trash from their collective businesses is removed on a weekly basis. The business owners later agreed to move their meeting to the Dunkin Donuts on Boston Street and said they will check back with the Council to inform them of their progress.

“I think we’d like to see something where the business owners there agree to send one employee a week out, maybe on the same day and time, to really clean things up,” suggested Cyr.

Councilor “Buzzy” Barton moved that the 24-hour licenses be renewed, but suggested the Council could check progress on the new effort in 30-days and then determine how to move forward form there.

The six businesses with extended hour along Boston Street , which could be effected by the action of the Council include McDonald’s, Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts, CVS and Boston Shell gas station.

Cyr also suggested that the car wash should be included in the discussion and indicated that city Inspectional Services Department (ISD) personnel could be directed to begin enforcing city code violations if the new partnership is not effective.

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