Meldrum Reaches Personal Milestone at Her Seaport Salon and Day Spa

By Cary Shuman

Susan Meldrum opened Seaport Salon and Day Spa at its Seaport Landing location 11 years ago this month.

The number “11” has plenty of significance to Meldrum.

“Both my parents, John and Josephine Mulvihill, were born in the eleventh month (November),” said the 58-year-old business owner. “My parents had three grandchildren and each of them were born 11 years apart. I purchased my home in November and the salon in November. My mother passed away in 2011 and I say she became my angel in 2011 and if you ever study angels 11:11 is a symbol of angels.”

Continuing on the “11” theme, Meldrum added that November has become the month of gratitude “and I am full of gratitude in this my eleventh year in business in the eleventh month.”

Meldrum who had worked as a hairstylist for 20 years at other salons in the area, said in 2005 she decided to open her own salon after assisting her son, Brent, in his search for a site for his business.

“It was actually sort of a fluke,” said Meldrum. “We were looking for a location for my son to open a wrestling facility and they wouldn’t allow a facility at this location and I said, ‘This would be great for a salon,’ and that’s how it happened.”

A licensed hairstylist, cosmetologist, and massage therapist, Meldrum also does skincare, manicures and massage therapy at her salon. Her son is also a licensed massage therapist (LMT).

Meldrum is assisted at the salon by hairstylists Karen Zuffelato, Paula O’Brien, and Savannah Connor.

“Our business is predominately hairstyling but we’re trying to build up the massage therapy practice,” said Meldrum.

The Seaport Landing location has been a perfect spot, says Meldrum.

“I love this location. We’ve been next door to Quinn of Lynn Insurance the whole time and they’ve been great.”

Meldrum grew up in Lynn and graduated from Lynn Classical High School in 1976. When her son began first grade, she enrolled at the Mansfield Beauty Academy in Lynn.

Meldrum has flourished in the beauty industry ever since. “I enjoy making people beautiful and making them feel good – between looking down at their cell phones and sitting in front of their computers, a lot of people are experiencing discomfort in their muscles, so I recommend a massage for that.”

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