Welch Florist Making Your Christmas Merry and Bright

By Cary Shuman

Some of the beautiful work available.

Some of the beautiful work available.

As Andy Williams has sung for decades, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and it’s been a very busy and festive month of December at Welch Florist located at 121 Essex St.

Customers have been coming in to the store daily to select their Christmas floral arrangements and gift baskets. The store has numerous, eye-catching holidays displays and gifts baskets for Christmas and every occasion.

“The whole month has been busy with Christmas gifts- whether it be corporate gifts, gift baskets, fruit baskets, arrangements boxed with trees,” said Keith Saunders, who with his business partner, David Daley, purchased Welch Florist in November, 1987. The store opened on Union Street in 1947 across from St. Joseph’s Church.

What’s the most popular floral arrangement of 2016?

Saunders says it’s the Thomas Kincade Jolly Santa Bouquet that was designed by Kincade, a popular poet and painter. “It’s a lighted Christmas house that’s a keepsake for after the holiday. It features a floral arrangement (consisting of red roses, red miniature carnations, pine cones, red berries, fresh balsam, fresh cedar, fresh fragrant greens) surrounding the lighted house. Each year there’s a different addition so people collect them.”

Also popular gift baskets that include all fresh fruit, gourmet chocolates made by CB Stuffers, and cookies.

Saunders said customers are “happy, upbeat, and in a good mood,” when they come to Welch Florist.

“We have customers that we’ve had for 30 years. For some of the customers we have, we’ve done their baby arrangements and now we’ve done their weddings. We’ve seen multiple generations of families at our store. We have a lot of loyal customers. We also deliver. Just give us your shopping list and we’ll take care of it.”

Saunders and Daley say one of the keys to Welch’s longevity has been excellent customer service by a friendly and courtesy. One trip to Welch’s usually means many return trips to Welch’s.

“Lynn is a great city. We’re in a safe neighborhood. We have a corner location. We have plenty of parking. Once we get the customers in for the first time, we retain them as customers.”

A member of the Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce, Welch Florist is proud to call Lynn its home.

“We buy in Lynn. Dave and I believe in Lynn. We have to stick together.

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