Lynn English Students Plan Traveling Abroad

Michael Haddad recently requested permission for Lynn English to take its Latin students on a  trip overseas. The trip is slated for Spring 2019 when the school’s Latin students will be going to Greece for 2 days to immerse themselves in the culture and practice their language skills in a real-world environment. Haddad spoke at length about how the trip provides a unique opportunity for student enrichment and for many students is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“We open the trip up to any student who has had a year or more of Latin. We feel that it’s best to focus the trip on students who will have a real appreciation for what what we’re going for. As much as this is a wonderful experience to really engage in another culture it is also heavily focused on the curriculum that we have designed for the Latin and Greek program at the school.

This will be the school’s fourth such trip and Haddad seemed genuinely excited about the prospect of going back overseas based on his experience with previous trips.

“Having done three other trips prior to this bringing these students, some of which have never left Massachusetts in a plane across the Atlantic to a country where english is not the primary language, eating foods that they’ve never been exposed to before walking down the street and seeing a building that they’ve seen i their Latin textbooks it’s incredible. Watching their faces as they experience this world, it makes it worth it a hundred times over.

There are 16 students signed up for the trip so far, with another six students considering attending.

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