Sacred Heart School Students Donate Easter Baskets to Lynn Shelter Association

Sacred Heart School students created 41 Easter baskets and donated them to children at the Lynn Shelter Association.

Leslie Duhamel, fifth grade teacher and advisor to the Student Council, said the effort was part of the school’s Lenten project.

“Every classroom participated, bringing in goodies for the baskets, as well as the baskets and the wrappings,” said Duhamel. “The students did a fantastic job. We were only supposed to get 25 baskets but we ended up with 41.”

Eighth grader Juliana Kalunde, president of the Sacred Heart School Student Council, was proud to see the whole school come together for the charitable endeavor.

“I think it’s really important that we got the whole school together, because it really got the younger kids interested in donating – and I don’t think that before we did these Lenten projects, they really understood what it meant to give to other people,” said Kalunde.

“They kind of took what they had for granted because they were used to having so much, so when we give something back, it’s almost like a little seed planted in their heads so the older they get, soon they’ll be coming up with the ideas for the Lenten projects once we graduate,” concluded Kalunde.

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