Dining for Veterans at Brothers Deli on May 6

On Sunday afternoon, May 6, at Brothers Deli, the Markos Family, will host a benefit from 3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. to support the 2018 North Shore Veterans Appreciation Day Parade to be held this coming September in Lynn. Every two years this parade is conducted in a North Shore community.

The City of Lynn held this event in 2013 which was considered to be one of the best performances.  Veteran Steve Castinetti said, “This will be a great day to remember and to recognize all those who made the sacrifice and served this country protecting our way of life. Five years ago this parade was in Lynn and we want to duplicate it once again. It was a beautiful event for everyone to enjoy.”

Also on the committee, Michael Sweeny, Director of Lynn Veteran Services, anticipates a great parade in Lynn as he states, “We have an incredible group of people on the committee getting this parade organized.  These Veterans have been doing this event for so many years and it is pleasure to be part of this planning. This is a real opportunity for Lynn, because Lynn is always there stepping up to honor the Veterans. It is an important way for everyone to come together”.

All proceeds will be donated toward this event recognizing our North Shore Veterans. Veteran Chairman John Sacherski will organize the program with George Fitzhenry, Chairman of the Lynn Veterans Council, along with other committee members. Tickets will be available at the door for $15 each which will include either a Roast Beef or a Chicken Dinner with vegetables and beverage.

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