Our Veterans:Transfer-Mation New Life for the Lynn Armory


he Lynn Armory was transfered to the Neighborhood Development Association during a special ceremony inside the Lynn Housing Authority and Neighborhood Development Community Room.

Director of Veteran Services Michael Sweeney called the event “a fitting tribute to the service and sacrifice, not only of those who served their duty inside the Lynn Armory, but to all Lynn Veterans who have given so much to this country.ˮ

Gov. Charlie Baked signed the Ceremonial Bill H4265 authorizing to convey the Lynn Armory to the Neighborhood Development Associates.

The Lynn Armory will be used for housing of Lynn Veterans. “This is an appropriate way to utilize this historic site,ˮ LHA Executive Director Charles J. Gaeta said. “We are thankful to the Baker Administration, our state delegation, along with City of Lynn Officials who worked very hard for the last two years to bring this project together. We had total support from the Baker Administration in this effort to bring this project to reality”.

Mayor Thomas McGee said, “We are looking for the reuse of this building and to give Veterans an opportunity. No better way to use this historic building located near the downtown area. This is a very exciting time and all the pieces are coming together.  We are very thankful to the Baker Administration for helping us to come to the finish line and signing the transfer today”.

The conveyance of the Armory was a special day for Lynn to reuse the building for Veteran housing.  This particular facility will now have a productive use in the city with a new focus: a quality home for Veterans.

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