RBC Dedicates New Point of Pines Sign

The Revere Beautification Committee (RBC) dedicated a new sign in the Point of Pines on Thursday afternoon.  The installation of the sign was in keeping with the RBC mission to “improve the image of the city of Revere through an aggressive beautification and clean up program.”

Members of the RBC were in agreement that the original “Welcome to the Point of Pines” sign was in such deplorable condition that it was a blight on the neighborhood instead of an asset.  So, in keeping with its mission, the members voted to fund a replacement sign.

Over a period of several months, the committee worked with a local sign maker, Joe Scimemi.  The sign size, the color, and the design was a collaboration between Joe and the RBC members. Also recognized on the sign was the Martorelli Landscaping Company that generously donates the landscaping done on this island in memory of Edward Shaughnessy, Jr.

Edward Shaughnessy, Jr. was tragically killed in an automobile accident at age 17 while driving home from work.  The island in the Pines was dedicated in his memory and has been maintained since that time. But the years had taken their toll on the original memorial sign and it needed to be replaced.

The Shaughnessy family, longtime Pines residents, agreed that a replacement was long overdue.  So, with their approval, the RBC began the process that resulted in Thursday’s dedication.  The Revere Beautification Committee is proud to have been able to provide the Point of Pines with this beautiful “Welcome to the Point of Pines” sign.

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