Greater Lynn Chamber of Commerce : A New Control Center

The best way to start the day is to enjoy a good breakfast. GLCC members had the opportunity to meet and greet with other business professionals before attending their daily schedule as well as to have some refreshments.

The Breakfast Club at Centerboard was sponsored by the Greater Lynn Chamber of Commerce (GLCC). This breakfast program was to inform members how Centerboard works within many North Shore communities.

GLCC Event Coordinator Samantha McHugh introduced Adam Swift of Centerboard who gave an overview about the new location and its community involvements.

As Adam said, “This is our new location for our staff. You can see this room is still in progress. We are planning to open in several weeks for events and other programs. If someone would like to use this new facility, it will be available.”

He continued to say, “Centerboard is a non-profit charity that receives donations to maintain programs.  Our mission is to revitalize communities by assisting people in need.  We offer many programs such as, working with the youth, helping the homeless, and jumpstarting lives toward independence.  We serve over 2,000 families annually throughout the North Shore”. 

Centerboard’s major Fundraising Gala will be on Saturday of November 16 at Danversport. This event supports families, children, and youth experiencing homelessness. Please join Centerboard for a fun evening.

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