Board Gears Up for Another Election Season

As candidates and voters get ready for election day on Nov. 5, the Election’s Office has been tending to the behind-the-scenes work, making sure this year’s voter turnout is better than years prior. Chief of Elections Janet Rowe, Election Coordinator Sarah Bullock, and Administrative Assistant Karen Richard are in the midst of making things happen, on a proactive mission to increase voter awareness.

While the public doesn’t typically start hearing about voting news and potential candidates until springtime, the election team has been gearing up for the big day since January and is prepared to tally votes for  Ward Councilors, Councilors At Large, and School Committee candidates.

Administrative Assistant Karen Richard, Election Coordinator Sarah Bullock and City Clerk / Chief of Elections Janet Rowe, busy preparing Street Index Boards so residents can easily find their Precinct.

In addition to launching two successful “REGISTER TO VOTE” campaigns, the election team has displayed a banner in front of City Hall, placed countless signs around the city reminding residents to vote, and they’ve visited five Lynn high schools this year which resulted in an increase of 100 registered voters. Over the past four years, Lynn’s voter totals have increased by five thousand, rising to 53,793 voters.

On a mission to spread the word, the election team has produced two informercials promoting voter registration, absentee ballot voting, and polling locations while maintaining updated information on the City of Lynn website and their new City of Lynn Election Facebook page and Twitter account, expanding their overall presence.

New this year, the election team has created poster boards that help voters find their precincts easier. Each ward will have a “Precinct Street Index,” giving voters a chance to confirm their precinct as they enter their polling location on voter day.

City Clerk and Chief of Elections, Janet Rowe, credits her hardworking team for what is expected to be a successful election year.

“I cannot say enough about our excellent Team,” said Rowe. “Our Election Administrative Assistant Karen Richard has over 15 years of experience in the election process and is instrumental in keeping the tally’s, voting results and the distribution of all absentee ballots in order. She also coordinates the 165 poll workers and manages the voter lists for all Wards and Precincts while overseeing our reports from all elections and information provided by the State Election office. Our Election Coordinator Sarah Bullock has been with us for a year and has brought our office into the world of social media not only by creating our Facebook and Twitter accounts but she successfully coordinated our registration drives and diligently worked the “early voting” last year. Acting as our point person for the Election office, Sarah is always available to answer any questions and direct people to their voting location or check their voting status. With her excellent office skills and pleasant demeanor, Sarah is a welcome addition to the City of Lynn Election office.”

To stay updated on voter day or to learn about registration, please visit the following:

Facebook: City of Lynn Election

Twitter: @LynnElection

City of Lynn website:

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