Bike Patrol in Action at CBD

If you have visited the downtown area recently you may have seen our newly formed Central Business District (CBD) Bike Patrol Team in action. The team’s neon green uniform makes them easily recognizable. As the population of the downtown area continues to grow, we recognized a greater need for a unit to specifically address the diverse concerns of the residents and business owners.

Sergeant Ashley Affonco, Officer Tom Morley, Officer Geo Lopez, Officer John Mackin, Officer Markanthony Williams, Officer Pete Alexander, Officer Taylor Haberek and Shyra Broughton from BHU comprise the team whose problem-solving approach includes much more than the traditional style of policing. The CBD team was slated to begin in late March but due to the coronavirus the bike patrols were delayed until June. The CBD Bike Patrol Team is funded by an Executive Office of Public Safety and Security staffing grant.

The CBD team is designed to patrol the downtown and deal with issues, such as anti-social behavior, that affect the quality of life for people visiting or residing in the area. The unit’s primary mode of transportation is the bike, which allows them to move around quickly but still have the ability to easily interact with people. The team consists of five officers and a sergeant who utilize a variety of solutions to the problems that they encounter. The officers frequently refer people or problems to other agencies that can provide additional assistance. The officers then have the opportunity to follow-up on the issues to make sure that they are resolved. The team is frequently accompanied by a member of our Behavioral Health Unit (BHU) who can offer a wide variety of services. Many of the individuals that the officers’ encounter need help with issues such as mental health or addiction and BHU is there, meeting people where they are, to offer immediate assistance.

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