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Join me in Voting for Joe Kennedy

To the Editor:

Not so long ago when my office uncovered the largest case of fraud ever perpetrated upon this country by the rampant greed of the big banks and their Wall Street partners, I needed help. This nationwide fraud devastated people’s lives, cost them their homes, corrupted our land recordation system, and flooded my office with tens of thousands of fraudulent robosigned documents. I turned to our elected officials in Washington for assistance to combat this kind of crime. U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren was there offering help, but to this day, I have never heard from Senator Ed Markey.

Trust me, scammers never give up, another scam is surely just around the corner. That’s why I’m endorsing Joe Kennedy for U.S. Senator. I need someone I can count on to help out and who won’t be afraid to stand up and fight with me to protect the integrity of our land records. When Joe was elected to the Congress, he was interested in what needed to be done to stop these scams. He spoke with me at length about what we were up against here. He was concerned and interested to learn how this had happened and how he could help stop it.

 Joe Kennedy is engaged and interested in solving problems, he doesn’t wait to be asked. He shows up. There will be times ahead when people in Essex County need help to solve a problem or take on corruption. But next time, if Joe Kennedy is our U.S. Senator, I will have a partner who is ready, willing and able to fight to protect the people we serve.

I hope that you will join me in voting for Joe Kennedy for U.S. Senate.

John O’Brien

Southern Essex District

Register of Deeds

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