Brother’s Deli Gives Thanksgiving Meals to Residents

A steady stream of people came to Brother’s Deli for a cooked Thanksgiving Day meal. This tradition has been going on for 27 years. Team members were preparing food the night before and assembling it in the early morning hours for Lynn residents to receive a delicious holiday meal.

Brother’s Deli owner, George Markos, without hesitation said the current Covid-19 changes would not stop him from helping others. According to George, “This community outreach program will always continue. We are Lynn; we belong in Lynn; and I belong to the people of Lynn. By doing this each year, people have bonded with us and we stay together.”

Volunteer assistant, Reverend Ann Principe of the Interfaith Ministry summed it up quite nicely, “George is a role model for the community; he gives so much love and generosity; and he inspires others to open up their hearts a little bit more.”

Whatever people can give, like Brother’s Deli, to help others is a rewarding example how kindness and respect brings joy and happiness to those in need.

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