Online Fundraiser for Lynn Man That Died in Downtown Construction Accident

A friend of the Lynn man that was killed during a construction accident last week on High Street in Downtown Boston launched an online fundraising campaign to help the family he left behind.

Zen Gonzalez created the online fundraising campaign to help Jordy Romero’s family pay for his funeral expenses. Romero died on Wednesday, February 24, after being fatally struck by a vehicle while working on a construction site in downtown Boston.

“I am making this account on behalf of Jordy’s wife and family,” wrote Gonzalez. “Jordy  was a loving husband and friend. Everywhere he went he radiated light. Laughs and smiles followed him everywhere. He was a kindhearted man who worked everyday to provide for his two children in El Salvador.

Gonzalez said he one day dreamed of reuniting with his children but life had different plans.

“Jordy arrived to work like every other day, with a huge smile on his face,” she wrote. “A few hours later the incident occurred.”

The website, which can be found at,

has been created to raise money for all the family’s funeral expenses.

“This was something no one could foresee therefore the family is struggling to come up with the money,” said Gonzalez. “Anything donated will be greatly appreciated.”

Already the campaign has raised over $8,000 towards a $15,000 goal.

Romero was killed instantly alongside his co-worker, Juan Carlos Figueroa, after a construction truck accidentally knocked the two into a trench that was 20 feet deep. Both Romero and Figueroa were part of the construction crew doing work on High Street in Downtown Boston. They worked for Atlantic Coast Utilities. The company was hired to make an emergency repair on a sewer line.

The Boston Police Department’s Homicide Unit and Fatal Collision Investigation Team are actively reviewing the facts and circumstances surrounding this incident along with OSHA, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office and Boston’s ISD.

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