Brian Castellanos Scholarship Marathon

School Committee member Brian Castellanos will run a 26.2 marathon scholarship fundraiser for the Class of 2021. He ran last year with the idea to raise funds helping Class 2020 for financial assistance to attend college.

This past year seniors were tremendously impacted from the pandemic. Students had to take remote learning classes since their junior year and into their senior year. It was challenging for students to remain focused in order to achieve their goals.

Lynn Classical senior, Sailor Brinkler, who will attend UMass Lowell in the fall to study Biology, saw the opportunity to be part of this Scholarship challenge. She realized how important it is to give back to the city, to raise some money, and help her fellow classmates. She said, “Brian is giving us the inspiration and dedication to be part of this program; it is teaching us to help others in need.”

Skill USA member of Lynn Tech, Brian Lopez became interested in the program as another way for his community service initiatives. He saw an open spot on the Ambassador team as he said, “I wanted to help the Covid-19 Redemption Scholarship program, since many seniors sadly lost a lot from the pandemic. This is a great way for me to give back.”

Genetically Resilient is the name of this year’s marathon fund raiser.  Brian explained how he selected the name as he explained, “Vicki Breedy formed Genetically Resilient to be available for anyone who needs some form of encouragement, not to give up, but to say, “I’m still here”.   Brian continues to note, “The pandemic presented so many challenges in students’ lives. It has been compelling to hear stories of students who lost so much. This is my token of what I can do as a School Committee member and being a product of the Lynn Public schools; I want to make a difference.”

The fundraiser has been good. When there is a need, Lynn people and businesses show- up contributing to this charitable event. Brian summed it up by saying, “When I see a problem, I want to solve it.”

You can donate at  26.2 run for Lynn Class of 2021#Covid19 Redemption or

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