Stu Primus Pays Tribute to Sports Reporter Bob Keaney

Stuart Primus has sports stories and photos from the (Lynn) Daily Item and Lynn Sunday Post that fill multiple scrapbooks.

One of the sportswriters covering the spectacular careers of Primus and his Lynn Classical teammates during the glory years was  Robert A. “Bob” Keaney, sport editor of the Lynn Sunday Post. Primus paid tribute to Mr. Keaney, who passed away on May 15 after a lengthy illness.

“I enjoyed Mr. Keaney covering our teams,” said Primus. “Every time I talked to him it was enlightening. He knew so much about Lynn sports. He was so enthusiastic about his sports writing career and he would light up when he talked to us. It was great for him to write about Classical. Mr. Keaney had a great perspective on what we were, who we were, and what we needed to do to move forth. So he had that foresight that was needed for us.”

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