Coco Alinsug for Ward 3 Kick-Off

Introductions by friends set the tone for Coco Alinsug Ward 3 campaign kick-off. Rev. Donna Spencer Collins opened up the event by welcoming everyone for attending and listening to the testimonies about the candidate.

Donna began the event as she said, “I am going to sing one of Coco’s favorite songs – Where the Boys are”. It was a moment that brought everyone together cheering toward the end of the song.  She expressed her thoughts about Coco by stating, “He is a people’s person; he has helped friends, neighbors, and the city without even asking. He is a very giving and caring individual.”

Next to speak was Governor’s Council Eileen Duff who has deep roots in the City of Lynn since childhood. She expressed a thank you to everyone for coming out for her dear friend, Coco, as she expressed, “To have someone of his caliber, not just comes from a family of service, but his family served folks for their entire lives. Coco has dedicated his whole life to service. Coco is exactly who we need to step up right now. He has a great big heart, but he also has a great big mind too. He is a person of great deep intellect in thought and compassion. Coco does not make a major reaction, but he wants to listen to people and hear their concerns and views. He really and truly wants to represent the people and he loves Lynn.”

A longtime neighbor of Coco Alinsug, Margot Abels, was next introducing her thoughts about the next Ward 3 Councilor for Lynn.  Margot spoke from her heart by saying, “It has been a long time since I had the opportunity, truly and wholeheartedly, to embrace a political candidate. When was it the last time a person was right; he is the kind of leader and a change maker that you would be proud to support. Someone’s work and spirit would lead you to a place of optimism and hope.” Margot continue to say, “This is the first time in a long time that I felt honored to endorse a candidate who is thoughtful and makes things happen.” Ward 3 candidate Coco said, “My favorite phrase is no man is an Island. I did not do this alone to make my announcement for Councilor.  Many neighbors came forward volunteering to collect signatures; there were a lot of people helping me. I also carried a notebook with me whenever I interacted with people writing their concerns and suggestions. I cannot do this alone and I am so honored and proud of my team because this not a Coco campaign, but a Ward 3 campaign.

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