Boucher Brothers Will Present Lynn English Football Scholarship

The Boucher brothers proudly wore the Lynn English football uniform for more than a decade during their separate careers.

And the Boucher brothers – Rick, 71, Tom, 73, and Jack, 65 –  are rekindling the fond memories of their football-playing days by generously giving back to their alma mater. The brothers have announced that they will present a sportsmanship award to a member of the 2021 Lynn English football team.

“The purpose of this award is to highlight sportsmanship and to promote it,” said Rick. “So the winner won’t necessarily be the best player. The dominant factor will be who exhibits great sportsmanship and supports the team both on and off the field. We had been discussing this for a long time, and we finally said, let’s do something.”

The winner will receive a plaque and a financial scholarship. The Bouchers would like to present the instantly prestigious award at the English football banquet.

Tom Boucher currently resides in Lynn. Rick lives in Fairfield, Connecticut, while Jack lives in St. Louis, Missouri.

Rick reflected on the Boucher brothers’ football careers in Lynn.

“I graduated in 1969 and played one season for Coach Barry Gildea and two seasons for Coach Charlie Ruddock and I was a captain,” recalled Rick, a three-year starter. “My sophomore year, we beat Classical, 12-6, in the mud at Manning Bowl.”

Rick’s older brother, Tom, graduated in 1966. “Tom’s head coach was Walter Boverini and he  was a starting halfback,” recalled Rick. “He played all three seasons (English was then a three-year high school following junior high).

Rick’s younger brother, Jack, graduated in 1974, and was a football captain. “Jack’s coach was Bill Hall and he started all three seasons,” said Rick.

 Rick said although the English teams were not Essex County League powerhouses at that time, “it was an absolutely wonderful experience for us, and in many ways, it helped us, and it saved us.”

A Proud Lynn Family

The Boucher brothers’ parents were the late Edgar Boucher and Elizabeth Boucher.

“We lived a couple of blocks from the high school, so my dad would periodically watch practice and my parents would go to just about every game,” recalled Rick.

Rick said he was inspired to play football after watching his older brother, Tom, excel in the sport and compete for Lynn English. “It was just natural to try to follow him. My brothers and I weren’t terribly big guys. I probably played at 180 pounds. Jack played at a similar weight. Tom was a very fast running back and played at 160-65 pounds. Tom is 5-9, Jack is 5-10, and I’m 5-8.”

All three brothers continued their education and football careers in college. Tom attended Northeastern University. Rick attended Norwich where he was a captain, while Jack attended Plymouth State where he was a captain.

Tom spent his professional career in high-end luxury home products. Jack worked in his own business as an employee recruiter and in the high-end medical equipment industry.

Rick worked in luxury packaging that stores such as L.L. Bean and Bloomingdale’s would use for their attire and home furnishings. “I traveled all over the country,” said Rick.

The Bouchers brothers remain close to the Lynn English football scene. Tom and Rick attended the English-Methuen game this season, while the English-Classical game remains an annual event on the family’s schedule.

And at the end of this season, the Boucher brothers will be together again recognizing the valuable, sportsmanship-like qualities of a Lynn English football player.

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