Paramedic Training School Scholarship Program for Massachusetts’ EMTs Announced

Transformative Health-

care announced a $1,000,000 Paramedic Training School scholarship program to enable EMTs aspiring to become Paramedics access to state-of-the-art education at a fraction of the tuition expense. Over eighty (80) EMTs will receive scholarships to participate in the 2022 Paramedic training classes.

“In New England and throughout the United States, there is a significant shortage of Paramedics that are necessary to meet the emergency medical service needs of our communities,” said Thomas McEntee, CEO of Transformative Healthcare. “By establishing a $1,000,000 scholarship program, Transformative Healthcare aims to proactively address New England’s Paramedic shortage by making access to state-of-the-art Paramedic education much more affordable.  Scholarship recipients in our 2022 Paramedic training classes will pay only $1,500, an 83% discount to the $13,000 tuition.” 

While the EMS industry is characterized by a significant shortage of EMS professionals, demand for Paramedic and EMT professionals is projected to be amongst the fastest growing occupations in the United States. Demand for these professionals is projected to grow 6 percent from 2019 to 2029, faster than the average for all occupations[1].

Transformative Healthcare’s CoAEMPS[2] accredited Paramedic Training Program is the only educational program in Massachusetts to feature a range of state-of-the-art simulation technologies that vastly increase the efficacy of the learning experience. The technologies include Oculus Virtual Reality, Immersive Interactive’s immersive simulation technologies and specialized simulation mannequins by TraumaFx and LifeCast. Paramedic students experience highly realistic situations where they can train in real-life, virtual scenarios such as car crashes, burning buildings, , first-person shooter events and more.  Moreover, students can treat mock patients where they experience high-tech mannequins that are bleeding, have broken bones, severe burns and more.

“Transformative Healthcare’s Center of Excellence Education Team is dedicated to accelerating the development of our team members, and other Massachusetts EMTs, seeking to advance their careers as Paramedics,” said Andy Defrias, Director of Training and Education. “Our team offers the most advanced training and education program, so our Paramedic students can deliver the most effective patient care”. 

About Transformative Healthcare

Company Highlights

• Leading medical transportation & logistics company in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine

• 1,500+ clinicians & professionals

• More than 150 years serving our communities

• 2,500+ facilities served

• Millions of patients served with exceptional care

Transformative Healthcare delivers cost efficient, high quality patient outcomes by optimizing how patients and data move through the healthcare system. We create customized partnerships for municipal 911 emergency response, inter-facility medical transportation, mobile patient testing, vaccine administration, remote patient monitoring and logistics services. Our proprietary software and analytics improve patient outcomes while reducing healthcare costs.

End-to-End COVID-19 Solutions at Scale

Transformative Healthcare launched mobile & onsite COVID-19 testing and vaccine administration services starting in April 2020 to serve major organizations in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. We proudly support the risk management & return-to-work strategies of state governments, municipalities, skilled-nursing & assisted living facilities, private universities & colleges, and corporations. Transformative Healthcare is proud to support the Commonwealth’s ‘Stop the Spread’ campaign and bring COVID-19 testing and vaccination programs to the most vulnerable populations. The company’s COVID-19 TRACR software platform (Test-Result-Authorize-Contact Trace-Report) has assisted Massachusetts to be at the forefront of pandemic management and response

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