Lynn Students’ Earth Day Poster Contest Begins

Mayor Jared Nicholson joined Earth Day Poster Contest Co-Chairs, Councilors Brian Field and Dianna Chakoutis, and Councilor Richard Colucci to celebrate Earth Day and encourage students to keep the City of Lynn clean at the poster kickoff announcement ceremony Monday at the Harrington School.

Field introduced Mayor Nicholson, who was the first speaker at the program.

“It’s exciting to be here to celebrate Earth Day with you and ask for your help in our mission,” said Nicholson. “But first I want to thank Councillor Field for all the help the great work he’s done on this. And a round of applause for the co-chair of the committee, Councilor Chakoutis. And our ward councilor and our friend, Councilor Colucci.”

Nicholson said to the students, “Friday (April 22) was Earth Day, and it reminds us that we have a responsibility to keep our city clean. When you walk around the city, you see that we have some work to do.”

Nicholson thanked the students “for your help in keeping our amazing city clean.”

Field Explains Contest Process

The grand prize in the poster contest is a bit overwhelming: a display of the winning poster on a massive billboard in the city. The winning poster will also be showcased in different stores and restaurants in Lynn.

“You have two weeks to draw the poster and you pass it into your teacher, and your teachers are going to vote on one winner from the Harrington School,” said Field. “And your school and the other 19 participating schools are all going to have one winner.”

Field thanked Lynn Supt. of Schools Dr. Patrick Tutwiler for his support of the Earth Day poster contest. Tutwiler visited other schools earlier in the day.

Mayor Nicholson Concludes Program

Nicholson concluded the speaking program by stating, “On behalf of the City of Lynn, I want to thank you for your help keeping Lynn clean, letting people know that it’s our job to do it, reminding folks when the time is right, to put their waste in the trash, picking up when you see a problem, and participating in our poster contest.

“I want to wish you the best of luck in the poster contest, but you’re all going to be winners because you’re all helping us keep our community the way it should be.”

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