Reverend Bill Simpson Recognized by Rotary as a Community Hero

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On November 10, 2022 the Reverend Bill Simpson, a member of the Lynn Rotary Club, was recognized as a Community Hero at a ceremony held at the Danversport Yacht Club.  Several other Rotarians were also recognized at the ceremony attended by approximately 250.

Reverend Bill Simpson, soon to be 98 years old, was a Pastor of Bethany United Church of Christ of Lynn for 40 years.  After officially retiring from active ministering, he was a volunteer pastor at the First Church Congregational in Swampscott.   He was an ordained minister for over 60 years.  He has been married for 39 years to Margaret, better known as Peg.  He was born in Maryland in the mid 1920’s and raised on a farm.  He has a son Timothy as well as three grandchildren.

In 1995, the Rotary Club of Lynn honored one of their own members, the Reverend William Simpson, for his contributions to the community and for his support for Rotary causes over many years.  Reverend Simpson was an honorary member of the Rotary Club of Edinburgh, Scotland in 1952-53, and joined the Lynn Rotary Club in 1983.  In his nearly 40 years of membership, Reverend Simpson was known as a true Rotarian who lived the principle of “Service Above Self”.  He was the Program Committee Chairman, and participated in many Rotary activities over the years.  He has been a strong supporter of Camp Rotary, a member of its Board, and helped each year in helping to identify local youths as camp participants in need of scholarship help.   He was a youth counsellor in public schools in Lynn and Lynnfield for several years.

Reverend Bill consistently volunteered to serve at My Brother’s Table well into his 90’s.  He worked shoulder to shoulder with members 30 and 40 years younger than him.   Bill was a regular volunteer at the monthly Catholic Charities food distribution.  Unfortunately, Covid put a temporary stop to both of those activities.  During the period when My Brother’s Table could not have volunteers inside, Bill and Peg made hundreds of PB&J’s at home for delivery to the “Table” numerous times.  

In September 2022, he reached out to a member of the St. Vincent de Paul Society to assist a woman with an urgent food need and in need of emergency funds for a dental procedure.  In the summer of 2021 he provided personal funds to a woman so she could have an old RV towed from NH to Lynn for a place to call home for several months.

Those are only a couple examples of people reaching out to the “Reverend” for assistance.  They knew that he was a person one could reach out to for help.

He is truly a Hero of the Community!  The photo shows Bill at My Brother’s Table shortly before Covid shut things down.

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