Reid Announces his Candidacy for Lynn School Committee

Sean Reid, a graduate of Lynn Public Schools (LPS) and current district director for State Senator Brendan Crighton, recently announced his candidacy for School Committee. Reid, 27, is running to bring a new generation of leadership to LPS. He says that his unique personal and professional background will help him bring this fresh perspective. Sean believes having someone on the School Committee who has a deep understanding of state policy and agencies will be a huge asset, as many of the challenges that LPS is currently facing are related to state government in some capacity. Reid is President and Co-Founder of local non-profit Kayak and Sail Lynn. He is also involved in several other organizations throughout the city including the Rotary Club of Lynn, the Alumni & Friends of Lynn Classical High School, and the Shannon Collaberative. Over the fall, he also co-organized an event that raised over $5,000 for Thanksgiving items that were donated to those in need. Reid’s wife Kelsey is a teacher and coach at Hood Elementary School in Lynn. She also serves as a Lynn Teachers Union Building Representative. Sean attended LPS from kindergarten through his high school graduation in 2013. He is also a graduate of North Shore Community College, Amherst College, and is currently pursuing a Master of Public Administration and Affairs at Merrimack College. “Public education is deeply personal to me as a former LPS student who has experienced the positive impact that this system can have on a student’s life. It is personal to me as the husband of an LPS teacher. It is personal to me as a passionate Lynner who is going to raise his children in this City,” said Reid While Sean excelled academically later in life, and even attended one of the country’s top colleges, this was not always the case. Reid’s academic and behavioral record while attending Lynn Classical was lackluster as he frequently was getting detention and suspensed, cutting classes or being tardy, and receiving failing grades. “When Sean entered Classical and you could tell he had so much potential with his academic abilities, personality, and caring nature,” said former Lynn Classical Principal Gene Constantino. “He struggled at times but he never gave up. No matter what happened Sean would fight through these struggles and succeeded at the end.” Constantino said he heartily endorses his candidacy because he knows Sean will be able to bring a youthful experience and knowledge to the table, in addition to his compassion and care for the community. “My teachers, counselors, and administration believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Where I am today, and even my candidacy, is a testament to the power and potential of LPS, ” said Reid. “I now want to ensure that that we have a system that provides these types of opportunities to all and meets the needs of every child, regardless of their situation or background.” Sean says that his top priorities are largely centered around transforming LPS into a true 21st century public school system. These include advocating for more school building and repair  funding, expanding Pre-K, becoming a more inclusive system, and continuing to modernize are job and educational pathways so that they are aligned with today’s world. “With the work ethic of our educators and staff, the talent and resilience of our students, and character of our community, there is no doubt that we can achieve these goals and overcome the challenges that we are facing ,” said Reid Sean says he will be directly engaging with Lynn residents over the next several months and lookf forward to listening to their ideas and concerns. The primary election will take place on September 5th and the general election will be held on November 7.

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