L/CPL Bradley J. Campus Remembered

A very large crowd came to L/CPL Bradley J. Campus memorial dedication at Clark Street playground on a warm bright day. It was a poignant moment and  became a celebratory event honoring Lynn’s hero. Sgt. Major Ken Oswald opened the ceremony with a statement of what happened in the early morning hours of October 23, 1983.

Stg. Maj. Oswald described that early hour in 1983 as he said, “The First Battalion Eighth Marines Second Marine Division set up  local headquarters inside Beirut International Airport. A yellow Mercedes Benz truck headed toward the headquarters crashing into the lobby igniting a catastrophic explosion killing 241 American servicemen. Nine Massachusetts Marines were killed including Lynn’s L/CPL Bradley J. Campus.”

Campus Family & Friends – Emily McDermott, Sue and Mike Reddy, Brian Truax, Matthew Campus, Sean,
Lindsay, and James Lundy, and Kelly Ryan with Mayor Jared Nicholson.
Retired MA State Trooper and US Marine, The Singing Trooper, Daniel Clark who sang the National Anthem at the Dedication.

Stg. Maj. Oswald continued, “We are gathered here today at this monument dedication to honor the memory of this Marine on the 40th Anniversary of that terrible day for the nation, the Marine Corp, the City of Lynn, the Campus family, and friends of L/CPL Bradley Campus,”

Honoring Bradley’s memory, The Reverend-Deacon Wiliam Jackson said, “May this memorial remind us of our freedom. It is because of the devoted service from our brother Bradley and his fellow Marines. From  this day forward in loving memory of Bradley and his memorial, we are blessed by our loving God so we can be Americans. God bless you all.”

“Today we are called to remember Bradley for the sacrifice he made, for his country, and the people of Beirut,” stated niece Lindsay Lundy. She continued to say, “For the man he was and the man that he was supposed to be, his loss left a hole in the hearts of friends and family. It is our responsibility and our duty to never forget and to ensure his legacy and sacrifice is remembered in honor of generations to come.”

This memorial dedication could not have been accomplished without thanking the following – Chairman Charles Griffin, Sgt. Major Ken Oswald, Lynn-Swampscott Veteran Services Michael Sweeney, Mayor Jared Nicholson, USMC Veteran Guest Speaker Steve Godfrey, Associate DPW Commissioner Liss Nerich and DPW staff, David Solimine, Dan Gates of Obtek Services, Bill Dandreo of Dandero Brothers Construction, Amore Electrical, Pallindo Construction, EZ Landscaping, Hirsch Landscaping, Dandreo Landscaping, Woodlawn Memorial, Lynn ISD, Lynn Veterans Council, Lynn Fire, Lynn English ROTC, Lynn Police, State Police and State Police Helicopter Fly-Over unit.

Other participants in attendance included Ward 3 Councilor Coco Alinsug and his Precinct Captains, and Clark Street neighborhood residents, City Councilors, State Reps Peter Capano and Dan Cahill, State Trooper vocalists Dan Clark and Capt. Katy Downey and remarks from Darnell Bradley and Brian Hurley.    

A L/CPL Bradley J. Campus scholarship will be established within the Lynn Public Schools.

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